Users sharing Challenges and Solutions in Practice

There is one central theme the four conferences of the PharmaCongress 2022 from 31 May to 1 June have in common: they all will put their focus on users’ everyday practice. And that means you will directly benefit from your colleagues sharing the challenges they were facing as well as the solutions they came up with and they implemented, for example in the case studies from Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, Roche, Merck, CSL, Takeda, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung, NovoNordisk and many more. To find out about the specific lectures of the four conferences, simply open the conference tabs below. Therefore, join us at the PharmaCongress 2022 and become part of the professional discussions and the direct information exchange.

As a participant of the PharmaCongress 2022 conferences, you can move between the individual conferences any time to benefit from the lectures that are of interest to you. And, of course, you can visit the exhibitors of the parallel PharmaTechnica Expo.

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PharmaCongress Programme and Agenda


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The Conferences in Brief

GMP/FDA Compliant Facilities & Technology

31 May - 1 June 2022

The focus of this conference is on innovative investment projects and their GMP-compliant, technical realisation.

State-of-the-art greenfield, brownfield and pharmaceutical technology projects will be presented by the “pharmaceutical user” under the
motto "Users report for users".

Compliance with GMP requirements is mandatory in these projects, although those are usually described in little detail in guidelines from
authorities. Benchmarking with other companies in the pharmaceutical industry is all the more important here in order to derive the current
state of the art.

Among others, the following projects will be presented

  • Merck's new modular GMP plant for clinical DP manufacturing
  • Boehringer Ingelheim: The Large Scale Cell Culture Program
  • Novo Nordisk: Closed Systems in CNC Ballroom, A Risk Based Approach
  • CSL Behring – Challenges due to limited space in the existing building during construction phase
  • Roche: CAPEX Project Delivery for What Patients Need Now
  • Vetter Pharma: Integration of an existing pharmaceutical manufacturing site into Vetter’s development services
  • IDT Biologika: Design & Implementation of a new flexible (modular) vaccine production facility
  • Boehringer Ingelheim: New Solid Launch Facility for Containment
  • Fujifilm: Multifunctional Single-Use Purification System for connected and integrated Continuous Processing

Please see the complete conference programme for more details.

GMP/FDA Compliance Conference

31 May - 1 June 2022

This conference will present and discuss current and upcoming GMP requirements from regulatory guidelines that impact pharmaceutical
engineering and technologies.

Speakers are representatives of the authorities or come from pharmaceutical companies. Upcoming changes or the technical implementation
of current regulations already in force are discussed. An important aspect is also how GMP compliance can be maintained in times
of a pandemic.

Among others, the following projects will be presented

  • Update on USP's Bioreactivity, Extractables & Leachables and Glass Containers Packaging Chapters
  • Vetter Pharma: Ensuring Data Integrity in the Daily Practice of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Experience from COVID-19-pandemic - a GMDP-inspectorate's view
  • Accord Healthcare : GMP compliance Trends during COVID-19 outbreak – A pharmaceutical user’s view
  • Local GMP Authority of BW, Germany: Update Annex 1
  • BIPSO: Quality Assurance for Contrast Media – Parametric Release & New Annex 1
  • MSD: From Risk Analyses to Traceability Matrix 4.0
  • Novartis: Current status of online testing of the microbiological quality of pharmaceutical water

Please see the complete conference programme for more details.

European Aseptic Conference

31 May 2022

GMP regulations only define general requirements for equipment – it has to be suitable for the intended work process, easy to clean and without any negative influence on the product quality. Questions like how these general requirements have to be fulfilled concretely in sterile manufacture, which points call for special attention and which new technologies will be used in the future are in this conference’s focus. Speakers from the pharmaceutical industry and from planning and engineering companies deal with pivotal developments in the field of sterile manufacture.

Among others, the following projects will be presented

  • Vetter Pharma Fertigung: A new industry standard for automated fill & finish of small batche
  • Roche Diagnostics: Smart Robotic Solutions for Pharma Applications
  • IDT: Bio-decontamination of 1,500 m2 pharma production using one fully automated decontamination system
  • GEA: Novel ways of rapid freeze drying
  • GTP-Bioways: Use and design of disposable filling isolator technology
  • PSM: Future robotics in aseptic fill& finish – View of a CDMO
  • Roche Diagnostics: STISO® with DECOpulse® – 3x validated Sterility Test Isolators for Roche Microbiology

Please see the complete conference proogramme for more details.

Cost Efficiency in Pharma Manufacturing

1 June 2022

One part of this conference aims at showing best-practice examples on how to implement Operational Excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. This is not only business but also quality driven. Examples of major pharmaceutical companies will be shown and discussed. Another topic regarding efficiency is the implementation of Industry 4.0 – or even Pharma 4.0? This means the growing number of digitalization and networking projects that can be seen in  pharmaceutical industry. An important question is, how the data obtained can or should be used regarding product quality. Data integrity is still a hot topic, combining GMP compliance and data management.

Among others, the following projects will be presented

  • Lonza: Current manufacturing compliance & efficiency trends and their implementation
  • Boehringer Ingelheim microParts: Step by step to more efficiency - from company objectives to process improvement
  • Modernization & Digitalization at TEVA Operations
  • Takeda: Process Mapping to identify automation opportunities in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • CSL Behring: Automatic Processing of Reports from Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Evonik: Harmonisation of Industry 4.0 interfaces

Please see the complete conference programme for more details.