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Pharma Congress Production & Technology

network. experience. benefit.

The annual Pharma Congress Production & Technology is known as THE get-together and has become an international forum over the years - where stakeholders from Europe and beyond benefit from discussing current industry trends and from networking.

The entire Congress revolves around the motto „Users report for Users: in case studies from companies from the pharmaceutical industry delegates get to know projects, become familiar with how they were realised in practice and discuss challenges, problems and possible solution approaches.

The Congress is accompanied by the large exhibition PharmaTechnica, where Congress delegates as well as exhibition visitors benefit from exchanging experience and knowledge and where they can pick up ideas for their daily routine.

Live Demos

Initiated at the Pharma Congress 2014 the Live Demos integrated in some of the conferences of the Congress have become a regular part of the Congress. As a delegate or as an exhibition visitor you can  touch and experience new technology in these demos.

Your Proposal for the Pharma Congress 2020

Become an active part of the Pharma Congress 2020! If you are user in a pharmaceutical company, we look forward to your presentation proposal.