As of 2023, the PharmaCongress & the PharmaTechnica Expo will be hosted by the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden. At the new location you will also experience a new event. Only the central theme of the conferences will remain the same: users #sharing challenges and solutions on practice. Thus, as a participant you will once again benefit from speakers presenting case studies from their everyday practice, talking about the challenges they were facing as well as the solutions they came up with and they implemented.



PharmaTechnica Expo

At the RheinMain CongressCenter you will also experience a completely new PharmaTechnica Expo. To already get an impression of who will be there as an exhibitor, take a look at the new expo floor plan, providing exhibitors with new presentation opportunities, for example right in front of their product. As a congress participant or expo visitor you will also benefit from the new Live Demo area, allowing the leading European suppliers to the pharmaceutical and biopharma industry to turn their presentation into a live performace - and allowing you to truly feel and experience their product.


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