Professor Wallhäußer Innovation Award

The new Prof Wallhäußer Innovation Award was presented for the first time at GMP PharmaCongress & GMP PharmaTechnica 2024.

Altogether 15 projects were submitted for the Innovation Award 2024, from which the jury selected three finalists. In recognition of the project "Atmospheric spray freeze drying for an increased sustainability of the lyophilisation process", the Innovation Award 2024, endowed with EUR 5,000 went jointly to the University of Bonn, GEA Lyophil and IBL. For the majority of the jury, this proposal represented the best combination of technical innovation, process improvement and sustainability aspects, such as energy savings. At the same time, the developed process for atmospheric spray freeze drying can be of benefit to a whole group of users. Second place was awarded to Green Elephant Biotech for their project "CellScrew® - sustainable and scalable adherent cell expansion system - 3D printed and plant based", while third place went to Labor LS for their project "Efficient identification of microorganisms for aseptic production with an innovative software tool: LS-pedia".

Left to right: O. Schmidt, General Manager Concept Heidelberg with the Professor Wallhäußer Innovation Award winners 2024 M. Braun (Labor LS), Z. Q. Wu (Green Elephant Biotech), T. Beutler (GEA Lyophil) and Prof A. Lamprecht (University of Bonn)

Submission of proposals

The PharmaTechnica Expo takes place once a year in spring, parallel to the PharmaCongress. All exhibitors are invited to apply for the award. Proposals must be submitted by 15 December of each year.

All contributions given by speakers at the PharmaCongress can also be considered for selection. In order to submit their contribution, speakers must submit an abstract of at least 2 pages by the above-mentioned deadline.

The following topics are particularly relevant for the award:

  • Technical innovations in systems to improve product quality and efficiency
  • Innovations in the area of sustainability / CO2 neutrality / resource conservation
  • Integration of artificial intelligence, e.g. in machine control systems, other system components, but also in processes, production sequences and production control for efficient and GMP-compliant pharmaceutical technology and production.

The Professor Wallhäußer Innovation Award Committee

The Steering Committee of the GMP PharmaCongress & PharmaTechnica selects the award winners from the proposals submitted and its own research. The members are:

  • Dr Friedrich Haefele, formerly Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Dr Sabine Hauck, Leukocare
  • Dr Burkart Gödde, Roche Diagnostics
  • Johannes Krämer, CSL Behring
  • Gerald Mathe, PPT
  • Gert Moelgaard, former ISPE Chairman
  • Frank Studt, Gempex
  • Jörg Zimmermann, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung

As well as from Concept Heidelberg: Axel Schroeder, Dr Andreas Mangel, Dr Robert Eicher, Dr Andrea Kühn-Hebecker, Oliver Schmidt.