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At the Pharma Congress you can regularly meet speakers from leading European pharmaceutical companies, from authorities and universities to discuss current trends and challenges.

Speakers at the Pharma Congress 2018:

  • Dr Gunther Bechmann, Pfizer
    Senior Manager Production Services.
  • Martin Bergen, securPharm
    General Manager of securPharm e.V.
  • Gerald Bürkle, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung
    Vice President Production.
  • Dr Martin Bultmann, Abbvie
    Head of the NBE Process Engineering Sciences Group in Ludwigshafen.
  • Dr Lorenzo Capretto, GlaxoSmithKline, Great Britain
  • Dr Olivier Chancel, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health
    Head of Performance and Pharmaceutical Support in Boehringer Ingelheim.
  • Patricia Desmaries, Sanofi Pasteur
    Technical Manager Aseptic Engineering.
  • Dr Giustino Di Pretoro, Johnson & Johnson
    Associate Director Drug Product Development - Continuous Manufacturing.
  • James Drinkwater, The Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sciences Society
    Chairman of PHSS.
  • Jasmin Franz, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung
    Innovation Manager for Vetter Pharma-Fertigung.
  • Dr Rainer Gnibl, Local Authority District Upper Bavaria
    GMP Inspector for the local authority in the District Upper Bavaria and for the European Medicines Agency (EMA).
  • Dr Friedrich Haefele, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma
    Vice President Biopharma Fill & Finish Germany.
  • Andreas Hänel, R-Pharm Germany
    Head of Manufacturing Manager OSD.
  • Dr Stephan Heck, DSM Nutritional Products
    Senior Director Customer Quality Management.
  • Verena Jachmann, Fresenius Kabi Deutschland
    Head QM/QS Fresenius Kabi Site in Neufahrn.
  • Dr Gerhard Jas, Corden Pharma
    R&D Management Corden Pharma International.
  • David Jonek, Bipso
    Deputy Associate Director Performance Management.
  • Dr. Christoph Korpus, Merck
    Leading the Liquid Formulation Stability Laboratory.
  • Dr Lars Kreye, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma
    Managing two aseptic filling lines (conventional clean room, vial filling), and one isolator line, as well as a packaging unit for final packaging.
  • Arjan Langen, MSD Animal Health
    Pharmaceutical Specialist.
  • Nick Lee, Health Product Regulatory Agency (HPRA), Ireland
    Executive Pharmaceutical Assessor.
  • Dr Jean-Denis Mallet, ECA & Former Head of the French Pharmaceutical Inspection Dpt. AFSSAPS
    Member of the ECA Advisory Board and works for NNE Pharmaplan.
  • Maria Mariño, Abbott, Uruguay
    QA Manager for suppliers.
  • Dr Eric Meier, Novartis
    Head QA Continuous Manufacturing.
  • Ana Isabel Mendes Alves, GenIbet Biopharmaceuticals
    Bioprocess Specialist.
  • Rudi Meurs, Mithra Pharmaceuticals
    Head of Mithra Pharmaceuticals Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO).
  • Yves Michon, Corden Pharma
    President, CordenPharma Chenôve.
  • Dr Daniel Müller, Local Authority of Baden-Württemberg
    GMP Inspector.
  • Dr Beate Reutter, Landesamt für soziale Dienste Schleswig-Holstein
    GMDP Inspector and head of the inspectorate.
  • Ute Schleyer, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung
    Project Manager, Site & Plant Development.
  • Tobias Schlögl, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung
    Project Manager (customer projects).
  • Dr Andreas Schreiner, Novartis Pharma
    Head of Solid Dosage Forms.
  • Roland Schuhwerk, Johnson & Johnson / Cilag
    Director Project Engineering Global Technical Services.
  • Dr Martin Schwab, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung
    Team Lead, Customer Project Management Department.
  • Dr Thomas Schwarz, Novartis
    Head Strategic Planning and PMO at the Novartis Stein Site for Steriles.
  • Alexandra Stärk, Novartis Pharma
    Head of Microbial Expert Group - Technical Steward Sterility Assurance.
  • Dr Harald Stahl, GEA
    Group Director Application & Strategy Management.
  • Dr Frank Thielmann, Novartis
    Operation Excellence Leader Biologics.
  • Calvin Tsai, Orient Pharma Co
  • Michael Unbehaun, R-Pharm Germany
    Manager Engineering Site Projects & Business Development.
  • Patrick Vanhecke, GSK Vaccines
    Expert in Isolator and Aseptic Filling Technologies and Room decontamination process.
  • Dr Jean-Pascal Zambaux, Hydro-Fill