Impressions from PharmaCongress 2022

To get am impression of this year's PharmaCongress and PharmaTechnica, take a look at the articles issued on the congress so far and at some of the videos shot by Rizwan Chaudhrey from RSK Life Science Media as well as the pictures below.

Press Articles

Aseptic Production: Annex 1 and the State of Science and Technology
Cleanroom Technology, March 2023

25 Years PharmaCongress Special Edition (available only in German)
ecv, February 2023

Ensuring the safe Handling of Highly Active Ingredients
Cleanroom Technology, February 2023

Review of PharmaCongress 2022
GMP Journal, February 2023

PharmaCongress: On the Pulse of Industry for 25 Years
GMP Journal, March 2023