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PharmaCongress 2024 Programme

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With its move to the RheinMain CongressCenter in Wiesbaden, the PharmaCongress has become a completely new event, reaching its next level. While the heart of the congress are still the conference tracks - every year addressing latest issues and challenges and bringing together representatives from authorities and industry to discuss them in depth - the focus is even more on the users' experience by #sharing challenges and solutions in practice. The spotlight is thus on case studies from pharmaceutical companies, allowing you as a delegate to directy benefit from the speakers' everyday practice and from the direct personal exchange.

The GMP PharmaCongress 2024 will comprise the following conference tracks:

The Conference Tracks 2024

Non-Sterile Products – Challenges in Manufacturing & Quality

This year, the first part of the conference track will deal with topics such as automation, statistical process control or self-inspection, and the second part will deal with cleaning validation and microbiological issues. Current and modern approaches for identifying sampling points in the non-sterile area (grid-line approach) will be presented, and topics such as risk mitigation versus microbial testing will also be discussed.

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GMP – Green or Good Manufacturing Practice?

This conference track will take a closer look at and discuss the possibilities of sustainability, environmental thinking and energy saving also under GMP conditions. The extent to which regulatory requirements, quality demands and modern sustainability requirements fit together will also be a topic of discussion. Case studies will be used to present practical implementations and highlight improvement measures.

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Packaging/Packaging Materials – Challenges & Solutions

In this conference you will learn which requirements apply for packaging material and pre-sterilized material (e.g., ready-to-use, ready-to-sterilize). You will get to know relevant GMP aspects for packaging materials (e.g., vials, stoppers) that influence the quality of the final product. In addition, practice-oriented presentations and case studies will guide you through the relevant requirements on qualification / validation, and controls for packaging materials, including text control.

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European Aseptic Conference – Technology

Reasons to attend this conference:

  • You will be informed on new regulatory and technological developments in aseptic / sterile manufacturing
  • You learn how current GMP and production requirements have to be implemented technologically in sterile manufacture
  • You will get case studies from pharmaceutical companies

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Trends in Barrier Systems & Robotics

This is why you will benefit from attending this conference:

  • Case studies from various pharmaceutical companies deal with the implementation, qualification and operation of Isolators, RABS systems and Robots.
  • You will discuss the current state of the art and new technological developments in Barrier Systems and Pharmaceutical Robotics Technology.
  • You will get to know first-hand the new EU-GMP Annex 1 requirements on Barrier Systems.
  • Experts from pharmaceutical companies will share their knowledge regarding operational experience.

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Modern Cleanroom Technology

This conference will present state-of-the-art examples of cleanrooms, cleanroom technology and entire facilities. Requirements by the revised Annex 1 are thereby highlighted.

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Digitalisation & Artificial Intelligence

Reasons to attend this conference:

  • You will get an overview of current digitalisation and artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • You will learn how efficiency and quality can be improved through the implementation of digitalisation.
  • In various case studies of pharmaceutical companies, projects from practice are presented.

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GMP for Pre-Filled Syringes (PFS)

In this conference you will learn which requirements for pre-fillable syringes are defined by the regulations. You get to know all aspects of the manufacture of pre-fillable syringes that influence the filling process and the quality of the final product. In addition, practice-oriented case studies will guide you through the relevant production processes, simulations and controls for pre-filled syringes.

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Lyophilization – Modern Techniques & New Requirements

Take advantage of the opportunity to focus on freeze drying technologies and processes and get a first-hand demonstration of solutions for diverse requirements. Further, you will learn how the freeze drying output is affected by different equipment, parameter changes, solvents, etc.

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ATMPs – Hurdles & Achievements in Quality and Safety

This conference track is aimed at all those who develop and manufacture cells, tissues, cell- and tissue-based products and ATMPs. The conference will address manufacturing challenges, e.g. GMP regulations, but also quality control issues, appropriate ways to maintain, assure and control the expected quality. Experienced speakers from the field of ATMP will explain the current requirements and report on their experiences during inspections and the implementation in the company.

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Vaccines – Advantages & Challenges in Manufacturing

The development and production of vaccines places high demands on the manufacturing pharmaceutical industry. The special requirements for handling and safety with living organisms require measures that go beyond the requirements of classical drug production. This conference track is aimed at all those who develop, manufacture, release vaccines and deal with regulatory issues. Experienced speakers from the field of vaccines will explain the current requirements, share their knowledge of new innovative achievements, report on their experiences and implementation in the company.

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