Live Demos

In the Live Demo Area in the PharmaTechnica Expo hall you benefit from the exhibitors' demonstrations – presenting their latest technology,
products and services. Take advantage of these live performances – and get to feel and experience their technology.

The following live demonstrations will be presented at the GMP PharmaCongress & GMP PharmaTechnica 2024.

Time Exhibitor Stand Live Demo
19 March 2024 10.00-10.15 h Ellab A 16 Self mapping made easy
  10.15-10.30 h boTec A 7 Optimized planning and operation of pharmaceutical storage and distribution systems
  11.15-11.30 h Bausch+Ströbel A 33 OMNIA - Boost your processes and step closer to
your pharmaceutical plant of the future
  11.30-11.45 h Merck B 32 Annex 1’s “Specific Risks Associated with
Single-Use Systems”
  11.45-12.00 h Cytiva C 5 Point-of-use leak testing of single-use systems
  12.30-12.45 h MK Versuchsanlagen A 12 State of the art testing of barrier systems
  12.45-13.00 h Innerspace B 14 Aseptic Training with Virtual Reality
  13.00-13.15 h MBV B 20 MBV MAS-100 ISO – Microbial Air Sampler
  15.00-15.15 h ZETA B 12 Intelligent solution for passing single-use tubes
through cleanroom walls
  15.15-15.30 h Friedrich Sailer B 31 Shining Solutions: Live Demo of Cutting-Edge
Stainless Steel Cleanroom Equipment
  15.30-15.45 h Particle Measuring Systems C 7 Facility Monitoring Systems
20 March 2024 09.45-10.00 h PHARMAPLAN A 37 Virtual Pharma Campus
  10.00-10.15 h Emerson Automation Solutions B 22 Real-Time Scheduling and Production Optimization
  10.15-10.30 h Yokogawa C 9 Predict, Prevent, Perform: A Proactive Approach to Asset Health in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  12.00-12.15 h REA Elektronik B 29 Experts in Printing and Code Verification of pharmaceutical
and medical-device packaging (f.e.UDI/MDR)
  12.15-12.30 h IWT / Tecniplast B 21 High pressure cleaning in pharmaceutical production.
Advantages, challenges, sustainability and savings
  12.30-12.45 h Quascenta Pte B 6 Using an Intelligent Lifecycle-Based Solution for
Streamlined Product Tracking, Design Optimization,
Collaboration, and Reporting
  12.45-13.00 h Kneat Solutions C 12 Kneat GxP Demo